[Apr 2023 - ] Fermi1 Experiment (ultracold mixture of Sodium-23 and Potassium-40), Zwierlein Group at MIT.
[Aug 2021 - Apr 2023] BEC1 Experiment (strongly interacting fermionic superfluids of Lithium-6), Zwierlein Group at MIT.
[2020 - May 2021] Lifetime measurements of the 5P1/2 and 5P3/2 states in Potassium-39 (thesis)
[2019 - May 2021] Convolution powers of finitely-supported complex-valued functions on the d-dimensional integer lattice (thesis)

[Fall 2020] Turing patterns in 2D nonlinear systems (from PH333 taught by Prof. McCoy, Colby College)
[2019-2020] Massive gravity and general relativity with xACT (with Prof. Bluhm, Colby College)

[2019-2020] Observation of vacuum-induced collective quantum beats (with the Rolston group at JQI)

[2018] Ramsey Interferometry for mm-wave precision spectroscopy of Rydberg $^{39}K$ (with Prof. Conover, Colby College)